Duct Fire proofing in Qatar

Flamebar BW11 has been designed and developed to be a lightweight, highly durable fire rated ductwork system complying with the latest standards. Flamebar BW11 is a specially formulated water based compound which is sprayed onto metal ductwork. The premium coating contains selected mineral fillers in a low permeability elastomeric binder to a nominal thickness of 0.7mm to give a finished product, which has been successfully tested for international use under cellulosic fire conditions for up to and including 4 hours duration. Flamebar BW11 fire rated ductwork is produced in sections and assembled on site utilising tested fireproof gaskets and sealants.

Flamebar BW11 has a number of distinct benefits :

  • The ability to provide a 2 hour fire resistance when handling internal gas to temperatures of 400°C.
  • A reduction in the duct gauge construction or thickness
  • Reduction in duct reinforcement
  • Flexibility in design, Flamebar ductwork has been tested for both rectangular and circular ductwork.
  • The system has been successfully tested for international use, under cellulosic fire conditions, to give in excess of four hours fire resistance in the event of a fire

It can confidently be specified and installed by Manycon in Qatar for Duct Fire proofing:

  • Smoke extract Duct Fire proofing
  • Car park extract Duct Fire proofing
  • Kitchen extract Duct Fire proofing
  • Stair pressurization systems Duct Fire proofing
  • Garbage Chute Duct Fire proofing
  • HVAC Duct Fire proofing