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Manycon Qatar Signages - Supplier and Installer  is a steel fabricator that operates in a 7,000 sq.ft. facility to design and manufacture high-quality road signs. Our traffic sign boards are fully reflective and can be installed by us across the QATAR. With over 7 years of experience in the field, your project is in safe hands. All our traffic signs are coupled with a 1-year warranty.


·         Stainless steel or aluminum precision-cut plates that are built to last a lifetime

·         Reflective 3M sticker that is plotter-cut to fit seamlessly on the metal plate

·         Completely weather-proof and rust-proof

·         We also create LED safety signs of all shapes and sizes

·         We also provide regular cleaning and maintenance solutions across QATAR if required

·         1 or 2-year warranty on road signs including metals, fabrication & branding



Traffic Signages are part of wayfinding and directional signages for motorists. Manycon Qatar Signages - Supplier and Installer  is a leader designer and manufacturer of various kinds of traffic signages and structures that all complying with international standards and meet the requirements of local authorities.

Our highly competent team, advanced machineries, latest technologies and the support of our technology partners were behind maintaining our customers fully satisfied as we always deliver high- quality products, on time and within budget.

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Traffic Signs

At Manycon Qatar Signages - Supplier and Installer , we strictly abide with Specifications of Qatar Construction Standards 2014 and Qatar Traffic Control Manual 2015. Being an approved manufacturer of Ashghal and authorized applicator of both 3M and Avery Dennison, quality and performance of our signage products are persistently achieved. Our state of the art production facility is equipped with advanced technology and machines for the production of high quality and durable traffic signages. We offer entire category of traffic signs including Regulatory Signs, Warning Signs and Informative Signs.



road safety and signage

Retractable Road Signs and Traffic Bollards

Augustaflex Traffic Technology Retractable sign posts and bollards introduced in exclusive partnership with Saedi Technical Solutions which complies with CE EN 12899-1 Standard. The most innovative technology used in this road signs and flexible bollards protect the structure against damages resulting from vehicle impacts, accidents, incorrect manoeuvres and distracted drivers. In event of collision, the structure flexes upto 90° and return back instantly after the impact.

Directional Signage

Our directions signages are made from best quality branded materials including 3M, Avery Dennison and Metamark. Ground Mounted direction signs are placed on aluminum sheets backed with aluminum extruded rails and fixed with steel pipes as per Ashghal Standards.

Internal And External Signs

Whether internal or external, we offer competitive, attractive and compatible signs to specific requirements of our clients.



QCDD – Qatar Civil defence Signages & Banners And Fire Fighting and Fire Door Signages in Qatar

We provide customized banners and wall stickers which is elegant and cost effective. The design and texture with vibrant colors correlate with the event or purpose of such signages.


Purpose of Road Markings in Qatar

Road marking serves as a visual communication system for drivers, conveying essential information without words. These markings provide guidance, warnings, and restrictions that help drivers navigate roads effectively and safely.

Features of Road Marking

  • • Guide & Control traffic on a Highway
  • • Delineation of Traffic path and its lateral clearance from traffic hazards facilitating safe movement
  • • Channelize the pedestrians & cyclist’s movement into safe location
  • • Road markings normally include longitudinal markings, transverse markings, text and symbols etc. on the road surfaces.
  • • Applicable to all categories of roads even on Rural roads as well.

Different types Road Marking Signs :-

Line marking on bitumen surfaces:

Line marking is the process of applying lines and symbols to concrete or asphalt surfaces by spraying, painting, or drawing. The main purpose of the lines being to identify points of interest, warn of potential hazards and to indicate traffic flow and direction. Line marking solutions are used in a variety of applications across many businesses and industries such as car parks in retail or public spaces and factories and warehouses.

Basement Floor Markings:

The single biggest reason is safety for your employees to prevent the expenses that follow injuries, and the potentially life-changing actions that occur after workplace accidents. The floor marking helps identify objects or areas of the warehouse that could pose serious safety risks to everyone working on the warehouse floor. It also acts as a means to direct traffic around the warehouse. Doing so allows for specific pathways exclusively for pedestrian or forklift use

Car Parking line Marking:

It is making lines and symbols on concrete or asphalt surfaces to mark areas of interest, warn of potential hazards and indicate parts of high & low traffic flow and direction. It is used in multiple applications like car parking areas in public spaces, warehouses, industries, factories etc. Line Markings are done using line marking machines. There are simple line-marking machines that are hand-driven as well as complex machines that have ride-on designs that are used for marking in large areas.

Arrow markings

The arrows painted on the carriageway are meant to give direction for the driver to take mandatorily turns.

Edgeline markings

Edge lines that are white in colour and appear on the left-hand side of the road are to help drivers maintain a safe, lateral position on the road.

Pedestrain Crossing

Pedestrian crossings are areas designated for foot traffic, that are intended to increase pedestrian safety and facilitate the flow of vehicular traffic. They are absolutely vital in maintaining order in the streets and protecting both drivers and pedestrians on the road.

Center line

a line along the center of a road or highway dividing it into separate sections for traffic moving in opposite directions

Yellow line

The straight yellow line on the road indicates that you can overtake other vehicles, but cannot go on the either side of it. The yellow line has different meaning across states. In Telangana, it means that you cannot overtake other vehicles within the line

EV charge Marking

To assist, roadways can be enhanced with boldly colored directional signage and text. The EV bays themselves should be clearly differentiated from other parking bays, such as disabled or parent and toddler parking, chiefly through colour and easily recognizable symbols. Furthermore, safety and the overall user experience can be enhanced through anti-skid walkways and crossings, to direct pedestrians safely from the charging bays to nearby destinations, for example restaurants within motorways services.

Stop Line marking:

This marker is a reminder to stop and give way to traffic before moving ahead when it is safe to do so. This line is commonly found at junctions.

lane line marking:

Lane markings are usually broken lines white in colour dividing the road into lanes, each of 3.5 mtrs. Border or Edge Lines: These are drawn at the road shoulders with solid lines usually in white or yellow colours. They indicate the edge of the road carriageway

give away triangle:

A triangle pointing towards your car, featuring a thicker, straight line further away from your vehicle, indicates a give way line ahead. After seeing the marking, you should slow down and prepare to stop to let other road users pass

Chevron marking:

A triangle pointing towards your car, featuring a thicker, straight line further away from your vehicle, indicates a give way line ahead. After seeing the marking, you should slow down and prepare to stop to let other road users pass

Road Marking Services Gallery

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Marking Road

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Marking Road

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Marking Road

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Marking Road

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Marking Road

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Marking Road

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Marking Road

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